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To qualify for membership to Air Jamaica Virtual Airlines and Cargo, the pilot is required to meet the following minimum criteria.

  • The pilot must be in possession of Flight Simulator 2004, FSX, FSX SE or Prepar3D.
  • The pilot must be registered with the VATSIM Online Organization.
  • The pilot must be over the age of 16.
  • The ability to fly for Air Jamaica Virtual Airlines and Cargo twice every 30 days. (see pilot inactivity policy)
  • The pilot must submit their real identity. (No nicknames or callsigns are permitted)
  • The ability to show professionalism within the organization and when conducting Online Operations.
  • As English is the international language of the aviation industry, we require applicants to harbour a reasonable level of written and spoken English.

Online Network Registration

  • We fly online online using VA Financials and we do require you to register with the VATSIM network.
  • If you have not yet registered with VATSIM, please go to VATSIM and register.
  • Please make sure you enter your correct network ID on the application form.
  • Applications submitted with an incorrect network ID will be rejected.

Pilot Inactivity Policy

  • Air Jamaica Virtual Airlines and Cargo operates a 30 day active flying policy which means pilots must fly at least two flights every 30 days.
  • Pilots who are inactive after the 30 day period may be removed without notice from the rosters.
  • You will NOT be entitled to any leave of absence until you have served 90 days as an active pilot. There are no exceptions to this policy, so if you are unable to fulfill the minimum flying activity (one flight every 30 days) for your first 90 days please defer your application until such time that you are able to commit.
  • We ask you to carefully consider before applying whether you are able to fulfill this basic commitment.
  • Inactivity creates a burden on resources and time that can be better spent improving our services for members who participate with our operations.
  • If you do fall inactive on our rosters and re-apply your past record of participation will be looked at.

New Pilots Note

  • Your first flight at Air Jamaica Virtual Airlines and Cargo must be completed within 7 days of your acceptance date.
  • If you have difficulties with using our system please email us as soon as possible so that we can assist you.
  • If you do not contact us our system will automatically delete you from our database.
  • If you do not receive a reply within 14 days please contact Human Resources for a possible answer to your query.
  • You will not be entitled to any leave of absence until you have served 90 days as an active pilot.

Ready to join our ranks?
After reading all of the above and if you are still interested in joining, then please proceed to our application form below.
Air Jamaica Virtual Airlines and Cargo provides enjoyment for numerous members worldwide and a great sense of community.